Aegean Way


The landscape, the culture and the cities diversify at various parts of the Turkey. It is a vast country spanning from the Balkan’s plains to the gigantic mountains of the Eastern Anatolia (west to east).

Mediterranean and Aegean

The beautiful Aegean and Mediterranean Sea spans more than 4000 kilometres in the west and south. Coastline is home to spotless scenery, hidden beaches, ancient paths and summer towns. Travel here by camping, cycling, sailing, canoeing or simply walking around the paths of Mediterranean or Aegean. Cities of Antalya, İzmir and towns like Oludeniz, Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Datça, Alanya or smaller local towns are great hubs to organise your trips around.

Eastern Anatolia

In this part of Turkey, whatever it is, mountains or waterfalls, It’s majestic. Eastern Anatolia is a heaven of snow. The mountain ranges of the east reach 3000s, 4000s. Indeed, the mythologic Mt. Agri summit sits at 5137 kilometres of altitude where the winter never leaves. Largest lake, highest elevation, great lakes reserve a place here well.  Hiking around the paths of snowy mountains here is unique. Even, -Putting your touring skis on- might be a fantastic way to explore the massive mountain ranges.

In the summer, some wheels (bicycles, motors, cars) could help you to travel around the mighty scenery when the high altitude landscape is much more welcoming. When flowers flourish here, It offers the beautiful scenes of rivers, canyons, woods to wander around.

Black Sea

The rainy forests of northern Black Sea region, meets the highlands (stepps) of inner Anatolia. The volcanic mountains, lakes wipes the massive and refreshing high plains. Welcome to Aegean Way Trekking Routes

We are trekking around the Lycian Way which is located at Turkey’s southeastern coast.

Set along the wild Turkish Mediterranean, the 535 kilometre long Lycian Way is an ancient footpath. Trekking the Lycian Way offers a composition of scenic views of the hills, the beauty of the sea and a pint of ancient spirit.

The nature of Lycian way offers an adventurous spirit to explore the region. Hiking the Lycian Way stands for a unique adventure full of motion, pace and the mildness.

While we hike the route, we pass by amazing beaches of Aegean Sea and Mediterranean and mountain villages as well as touristic towns that we can enjoy other activities.

Lycian Way, around Kabak Bay

Inhabited since prehistory, Mediterranean coast of south-western Anatolia has been home to the Lycian civilizations starting from the fifteenth century BC. The paths of Lycian Way were used to connect the mountain villages, the coasts and even to reach the ancient capital of Xanthos by the people of Lycia.

Today, the route is a popular destination for travelers and hikers around the world to enjoy Turkish Mediterranean.

Situated at the Mediterranean pinewood forests along the hills and the coastline, the path crosses mountain villages and some touristic towns like Ölüdeniz and Geyikbayırı. (Former is the beginning, latter is the ending point of the main route.)

Walking the whole route takes around a month.

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An alternative path to  a secret beach
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