Arrival to Faralya

This is my second day on the Lycian Way.

Yesterday I slept a little late. I joined the two travelers for some chit chat.

The sun rises late around 8:30 due to the mountains covering the Kabak Beach.

Eventually, It’s time to wake up and get out of the tent.

The breakfast is prepared by the family owners of the campsite. Fresh cucumber, tomato, types of olives, cheese, homemade jams, honey and lots of natural olive oil. All from the nature around. It’s Lycian’s way. 🙂

Today, I’m walking to the Faralya which is the village located at the cliffs of the Butterfly Valley. There are 2 paths leading to the Faralya. I’m choosing the one that lies on the hills. This one gets some fresh sea breeze which I love. The other is the coastal path nearer to sea.


The first hundred meters starts with a little steep hike in the forest. The birdsongs of vultures and small birds is there to listen.

On the hill, I reached the small unpaved road which proceed until the short descend to Faralya Village. Faralya is at the upper side of the valley. The path is flat, the view is unique.

And here in Faralya, you meet the view of Butterfly Valley 300 meters above the sea level.

This place makes me remember the wonders of the Norwegian Fjords yet of course with the smell of the Mediterranean.


Previous Day: Scenic Hiking at Kabak Beach

Next Day: Lycian Way; Faralya – Ovacık



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