Trebenna Hiking Path Of Geyikbayırı

I was with the Turkish Mountaineering Federation for the whole week. We were having the “Leadership in the Nature” seminar from the lecturers of the mountaineering body.

Geyikbayırı is full of pomegranate trees. @Kezban Guesthouse

After spending a week at Geyikbayırı we decided to hike up to Trebenna ancient city as our farewell event. 🙂

Latin transcript from the Roman Empire

The hike directly start from the camping sites of Geyikbayırı. Indeed, this is where 535 kilometres long Lycian Way starts.

Geyikbayiri also stands for the biggest climbing area in Turkey and consist of 36 sectors, with more than 600 sports climbing routes. Routes vary from beginners to the top level.

The sweaty hiking path climbs 670 meters from 360 meters. 2,6 kilometeres long path takes a hour to walk one way.

On the way, the path is marked with Lycian Way signs. Nevertheless it’s better to follow the way on the map not to get lost. This part is recently added to the Lycian footpath and not walked so often so far. Check out the Wikiloc GPS route below!

The gorgeous view of Sivri Dağ is on the way, and the Ancient Roman City of Trebenna at the final point is a must-see.

Sivri Dağ ~ sharp mountain

Put enough water and some fruits to your bag for the sweaty hike! Local and delicious Pomgranades and Oranges available around campsites depending on the season.

  • Start: Geyikbayırı offers world-class climbing experience all year around due to its Mediterranean climate and location in the canyon.


  • Finish: Trebenna is thought to be home to civilisations dates back to Hellenistic era. The city has been lying in the political borders of Lycian (eyelet) of the Empire and enjoyed the privilege of coining in the second century. The walls, on one hand, covers the city are knows as Byzantium structures.

Click: Wikiloc Route


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