Trekking to the Summit of Mt. Erek

Eastern Anatolia

Around Lake Van, there are huge mountains.

Mt. Erek is one of the nearest to the populated city of Van. Trekking around the summits and snowy heights is nice all year long.

The foothill of the mountain contain fresh mountain steems. However, on the higher parts near to the summits, the terrain is fully covered with the fresh snow sometimes as long as 30-40 centimeters.

We started walking at 5:30 at the Village of Bakraçlı. 3 hours later, we are at the summit.

A good hike and the view from the summit and on the route is spectacular. Although, the weather was generally cloudy.


Mt. Erek summit trekking route: Wikiloc


Trebenna Hiking Path Of Geyikbayırı

Lycian Way

I was with the Turkish Mountaineering Federation for the whole week. We were having the “Leadership in the Nature” seminar from the lecturers of the mountaineering body.


Geyikbayırı is full of pomegranate trees. @Kezban Guesthouse

After spending a week at Geyikbayırı we decided to hike up to Trebenna ancient city as our farewell event. 🙂


Latin transcript from the Roman Empire

The hike directly start from the camping sites of Geyikbayırı. Indeed, this is where 535 kilometres long Lycian Way starts.

Geyikbayiri also stands for the biggest climbing area in Turkey and consist of 36 sectors, with more than 600 sports climbing routes. Routes vary from beginners to the top level.

The sweaty hiking path climbs 670 meters from 360 meters. 2,6 kilometeres long path takes a hour to walk one way.

On the way, the path is marked with Lycian Way signs. Nevertheless it’s better to follow the way on the map not to get lost. This part is recently added to the Lycian footpath and not walked so often so far. Check out the Wikiloc GPS route below!

The gorgeous view of Sivri Dağ is on the way, and the Ancient Roman City of Trebenna at the final point is a must-see.


Sivri Dağ ~ sharp mountain

Put enough water and some fruits to your bag for the sweaty hike! Local and delicious Pomgranades and Oranges available around campsites depending on the season.

  • Start: Geyikbayırı offers world-class climbing experience all year around due to its Mediterranean climate and location in the canyon.


  • Finish: Trebenna is thought to be home to civilisations dates back to Hellenistic era. The city has been lying in the political borders of Lycian (eyelet) of the Empire and enjoyed the privilege of coining in the second century. The walls, on one hand, covers the city are knows as Byzantium structures.

Click: Wikiloc Route


Lycian Way; Faralya – Ovacık

Lycian Way

Ovacık is the last point of the Lycian Way, officially. Yet sure it can be the start depending on where you start.

For the last 2 days, I was just exploring the main path and the alternative paths to the villages and to the BEACHES! The main path is around the ridges of the hills next to the sea, yet there are the sub-paths that go down to the beaches on this part of the Lycian Way.


Aşure Soup and Menemen for the Lunch at the village of Kirme

Anyway, today is the last day of 3 days of trekking to Ovacık.

Today I wake up at Faralya.

I just made a quick breakfast on the view of the Butterfly Valley then head to the path.

Today, I’m gonna climb 500 meters and reach the point farthest from the seaside. Then come down to the lowland of Ovacık, Fethiye and Ölüdeniz. A 15 kilometres walk in 6 hour, and the maximum elevation of 775 meters.

The walk is mostly in the red pine and larch forests.

In the end, here is Ölüdeniz. I would say, I got a pretty exited when I first see the Ölüdeniz from the path. It’s so good.


Ölüdeniz is a natural wonder and is a type of swell. 


1st day: Cennet Bay – Kabak Bay

2nd Day: Kabak Bay – Faralya & Faralya – Butterfly Valley – Faralya

3rd Day: Faralya – Ovacık (Ölüdeniz)


Hiking to Butterfly Valley

Lycian Way

Today I walked from Kabak to reach Faralya.

As I arrived Faralya, I left the extra stuff to my bungalow at George House which I’m gonna stay overnight.

When I talked about the path From to the Butterfly Valley in the village of Faralya, the local residents told me that they don’t advise people to hike down. I guess, due to the some accidents recently; they are pretty skeptical about the safety of the path between the Valley and the Village.

Butterfly Valley Rocks

Ropes on the Path

Also, It’s officially forbidden to walk down. However, It’s not executed by the local authorities.

In the light of the thrilling atmosphere up in Faralya, I just head to the starting point of the path. The path is all marked with red dots.

Anyway, the very beautiful view of the Valley on the path is a must-see.

The path is mostly a moderate steep hike. However, there are 3 rocky climbs until the base of the Valley. Basic rock climbing skills help a lot, too. Here on these parts; ropes are placed to help. Don’t forget the check them before using.

I met an Ukrainian couple, a British couple and an Israeli traveler on the cliffs who take the Lycian Way and can’t stand going down.

  • It’s a 3 kilometres hike from around 300 meters to sea level which takes around 45 minutes. Camping is possible in the Valley for a fee around 40 TL. They provide food and drinks.
  • There is only one footpath to Butterfly Valley and It starts from the village of Faralya (Uzunyurt), as I did. Other option is to take a boat from Ölüdeniz.





Arrival to Faralya


This is my second day on the Lycian Way.

Yesterday I slept a little late. I joined the two travelers for some chit chat.

The sun rises late around 8:30 due to the mountains covering the Kabak Beach.

Eventually, It’s time to wake up and get out of the tent.

The breakfast is prepared by the family owners of the campsite. Fresh cucumber, tomato, types of olives, cheese, homemade jams, honey and lots of natural olive oil. All from the nature around. It’s Lycian’s way. 🙂

Today, I’m walking to the Faralya which is the village located at the cliffs of the Butterfly Valley. There are 2 paths leading to the Faralya. I’m choosing the one that lies on the hills. This one gets some fresh sea breeze which I love. The other is the coastal path nearer to sea.


The first hundred meters starts with a little steep hike in the forest. The birdsongs of vultures and small birds is there to listen.

On the hill, I reached the small unpaved road which proceed until the short descend to Faralya Village. Faralya is at the upper side of the valley. The path is flat, the view is unique.

And here in Faralya, you meet the view of Butterfly Valley 300 meters above the sea level.

This place makes me remember the wonders of the Norwegian Fjords yet of course with the smell of the Mediterranean.


Previous Day: Scenic Hiking at Kabak Beach

Next Day: Lycian Way; Faralya – Ovacık



Scenic Hiking Route of Kabak Bay


I will be walking for the next 3 days until Ovacık, Fethiye. I just hit the roads today.

Ovacık is the end or start point of the Lycian Way footpath depending on where to start.
The first day, I hiked the 1.5 hour scenic path between the Paradise Bay and the famous party beach, Kabak. 


From the path…

I started from the Paradise Camping at noon. Just after 20 mins of walking I find myself at soğuk su ~coldwater beach. And the path ends at Kabak beach.
The route offers wonderful beaches and hiking through the very scenic views on the hilly parts. 170 meters is the highest altitude of the hike.

It’s warm until the end of October starting from April. It’s not so hard to come across a sunny day rest of the year.

Put the swimming staff in your bag and make sure you have a pair of hiking shoes.


Soğuk Su ~ Coldwater Beach

Cennet Camping or the Kiosks in Kabak are where you can get water and food. They are the beginning and the end.

The Mediterranean will be your travelmate all the way.


Mandala Camping is where I’m gonna stay today. It’s a budget campsite at Kabak. Mandala is located at the upper side of the Valley with a magnificent and relaxing view of the Kabak.

  • To reach Kabak beach, where you start the path, hop on the regular minibuses at the province called “Kabak Last Stop”


Kudak in the Paradise

Lycian Way

Got some cold drinks, lots of sunshine and the magnificent turquoise.

It’s early October, the sky is bright all the time and the weather is warm enough to enjoy the Mediterranean for hours during the day.

Ilgın and I, watching the horizon in the Cennet Koyu (Paradise Bay) for a while. The mountaineering club of Koç University (Kudak) is about to arrive with a small boat. We will be hiking through the paths and party at the beach for 2 days!


Sibel, Ilgın and I are exploring the paths around the village of Boğaziçi by hitchhiking.

This gonna be the second trip of Kudak through the shores of the Lycia after last years’.

The boat is on the view now. Ok, let’s go and help them to jump to the beach. 🙂

We were here in Cennet for 3 days, as if its our special beach. So good! Now we are all 35 people. Indeed, its nice to welcome the friends.

Photo Credit: Başak Didem

Cennet Koyu is a wonderful escape from the Lycian way through the shores. The path is well signed with blue and sometimes white-red signs. When you are on your way from Kabak Bay to the south, It’s possible to see the path for Cennet which goes downhill. The path leaves the classic Lycian Way at the “Üçkeçi” province. Exactly at this place, beekeeping facilities should you see. Go down!

First 50 meters is pretty steep and craggy, so be careful. However no need for any technical stuff, It’s enough to walk carefully. Make sure that the rock you step on, is solid! Then the path becomes pretty comfortable until the Cennet Koyu. On the way, you can see the camping site, Cennet Camping just before the wonderful beach. The camping is an oasis in the middle of nowhere. It’s open generally between April to late November, provide tents with beds, food and water.

It’s not possible to reach the neither camping nor the beach with a car. Just the boat or the hike. That’s what it is.

The next day Kudak arrived, I was leading them from Cennet Kamping up to the Lycian Way, and then to Kalabantia then back to Cennet.

Kalabantia is another secret beach in the area. It’s a similar hike as Cennet Path. Follow the Kalabantia signboard on the Lycian way to reach this one. It’s also possible to hike between Cennet Koyu and Kalabantia in an hour. The path is signed with blues and it’s actually a short-cut to hike between the beaches without going up back to the classic route.

Not to mention that, this area around offers an outstanding nature-beach-camping experience.

Once we completed the hike in 6 hours including 1 hour swimming break at Kalabantia, we are ready to start to camp-fire and to hob-nob. Let the music play!


  • Paradise Bay/Beach = Cennet Koyu = Cennet
  • Lycian Way is a well signed 535 kilometres trekking path in the Southwestern Turkey. It’s regarded one of the most amazing and safest long distance trekking paths in the world by many magazines and online sites including TripAdvisor