Eastern Anatolia


Eastern Anatolia

From Mt. Ararat to Anti-Taurus Mountains, the region is the highest in Turkey in terms of average altitude. Even the elevations of cities and lakes may well be above 1700 meters here. Winters are long, summers are well-received. Any kind of massive geographic structure can be found on the Eastern Anatolia. The massive volcanos of Mt. Ararat and Mt. Süphan, the huge mountain ranges, green highlands, waterfalls and lakes are situated here.

Mt. Dedegöl 13
Trekking, Eastern Anatolia
  • The 5,165 meter long Mt. Ararat is the highest point of the country. Trekking to the summit takes a week. The massive stravo-volcano is located near the most eastern border-town of Doğubeyazıt.
  • The huge Anti- Taurus Mountains is a part of Alpine-Himalayan orogenic belt, connecting Alps and the Himalayas. Hundreds of climbing routes and high altitude trekking routes worths exploring.

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