Western Lycia in 10 Days

10 days trekking on the most popular part of Lycian Way

We will explore the most western of Lycian in 10 days.

Breathtaking views and the Mediterranean will be on the way. This area is the most-known part of whole Lycian Footpath. Well, it’s nature and the ancient spirit are what makes it unique. There are also alternative choices on the way.

Coastal Parts of the route are Fethiye, Ölüdeniz, Kelebekler Vadisi, Kabak Bay, Kalkan, Kaş, Cennet Bay, Kalabantia. *Blog Yazıları*

The Mountain Village are ..

As for, historical sights are


Remote beaches, mountain villages and popular towns are local to this part of Lycian Region. This trip explores for 10 days around a 100 kilometers of Lycian Way footpath between Ölüdeniz and Kaş. On the footpath, to get the best the nature and ancient civilization offer, we can take the boats, paragliding and kayaks, too.


Arrival to Ölüdeniz *Fotoğraflar Day 1?

Welcome to Ölüdeniz, the popular touristic town of the Mediterranean. The touristic coastal town is the famous with its swell and paragliding from Baba Dağ.

  • Stay at Ölüdeniz.

Paragliding at Ölüdeniz

We may drive to Babadağ Mountain. On the summit here comes the magnificent view of the region. From the summit, glide to the beachside of Ölüdeniz. Flying on this part of nature is a nice way to experience it.

Day 1: Hit the Lycian Way. Hike from Ovacık to Faralya.

Beginning of the path is Ovacık which is just neighboring to Ölüdeniz. This is a 15 kilometers hike from almost 0 to 775 meters high.

On the way, we have the scenic views of the blue and the wood.

Day 2: Faralya to Paradise

Today we are landing the beachside and pass by the popular summer beach of the youth, Kabak. Jumping to the sea is nice way to relax indeed. What is worse, the next beach is even nicer. It’s paradise bay.

  • Camping at Paradise Bay
  • See activities at Cennet (blog)

Day 3: Cennet to Gey. Say goodbye to Cennet, Kalabantia is the first stop. It’s an ancient pirate bay, desolated in the forest. Then, we will climb up to hill to catch the main route. Main route*blog* is mostly flat until the village of Gey.

  • Stay at Gey (Blog)

Day 4: Gey to Bel

Day 5: Bel to Pyndai

Day 6: Pyndia to Xantos (First day of three days around the lowland of the ancient capitals)

Day 5: Xantos to Üzümlü

Day 6: Üzümlü To Gelemiş

Alternative to 3 Days: Instead of walking all the lowland of the Patara, we can walk all the way through Patara beach overnight or just hop in to reach the other side of the 14 kilometers-long sandy Patara Beach. 

  • Check out Patara walk at night

Day 7: Gelemiş – Kalkan

Day 8: Kalkan – Gökçeören

Day 9: Gökçeören – Çukurbağ

Day 10: Çukurbağ – Kaş


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