Hiking to Hidden Beach of Cennet



We will be visiting some beaches for the next days. They are Ölüdeniz, Kabak Bay and the Cennet Bay.

Home to thousands of British, Ölüdeniz is a famous one. It is surrendered by the true turquoise and light of the sun. The epic view awaits us in the sky. Paragliding here!

The Kabak Bay aka the hippi beach is for hippies and hipsters to gather around. The Kabak bay is perfectly hidden due to its location on the base of the canyon.

The Cennet Bay aka paradise beach is located around isolated southwestern forests and hills. It can be reached by boat or hiking from Kabak.


Day 1: 

Pick up from the airport.

Dinner and time to relax and pub-visit at the mediterranean town of Oludeniz.

Day 2: 

We drove to the top of Babadag at 1969 meters. We’re paragliding through the bay. No pre-experience is needed. We’re helped by professional guides.

Go back to Oludeniz afternoon for some beach chill and shopping in the town.

Dinner, free time.

Day 3:

Early today we’re moving to the the Kabak aka the hippi beach.

Kabak-last stop is the last point of road. Later on, we will change to minibuses, which will bring us to the beach.

In the summertime, this beach and the forests around turns into a place where young people all over from Turkey and World, gather here to chill and cheer.

It’s all free-time at Kabak as it is kind of supposed to be.

Day 4:

Today, we get the boat from Kabak beach to reach Cennet beach.

It’s possible to hike to Cennet as well. Check out, 1.5 Hour Scenic hiking route of Kabak Bay

Cennet is isolated most of the year. There couple of parties through the summer, yet being alone in whole of the beachside is a common practice as well.

It’s secret, and in the middle of nowhere. No roads pass by. It is how it is for thousands of years.

There is one hidden camp-side in the forest. It’s 160 meters hike from the beach. It’s in the middle of the pinewood and surrounded by mountains. We gonna stay here at Cennet Camping. The campsite provides not only the tranquillity of the forest but the basic comfort like shower and full pension.

Today we chill at the sunset and free time.

Day 5:

Good morning at Cennet.

Today, we can choose to explore one of the hiking routes around or take a small boat tour to neighbour untouched beaches.

Or it is up to choice to enjoy Mediterranean at the Cennet beach.

Day 6: 

Good morning everyone!

We can enjoy the morning sun at the beach!

After lunch, We will pack and move back to Kabak Last-Stop where our car is waiting for us.

Airport/Hotel transfer

Bye Bye! Cennet will miss you!

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