Mt. Ararat Summit Trek – 7 Days



Mt. Ararat is a massive volcano lying on the massive Eastern Anatolian Plateau sitting next to Turkish village of Çevirme and border-town of Doğubeyazıt.

On the days of summer, trekking through green highlands and mountain springs is a joy of life. Experiencing the high altitude wintry conditions on the following days is a challenge to take. Mt. Ararat welcomes everybody with its ruling mountain mass, green mountainside and a summit of the panoramic view.

Trekking to the top has always been a meaningful challange. Mt. Ararat is on the most eastern side of Republic of Turkey. Being a symbol of communities around, It’s effects on the way of life for the local communities is substantial. The stratovolcano’s climatic effect has been influential for the geographical region as well.  Holy writs of Torah says this is where Noah’s Ark resides. In this day and age, It’s believed to be holy-site for many people.

We invite you to explore the breathtaking trekking to the summit of Ararat for 6 days.

DAY 1: (Airport to Hotel)

Welcome to Eastern Anatolia!

Mt. Ararat is surrounded by 3 nearby airports; Van Ferit Melen (VAN), Ağrı Ahmed-i Hani (AJI) and Iğdır Şehir Bülent Aydın (IGD).

We pick you up from the choice of your airport and drive to our hotel at Doğubeyazıt. Ertur Boutique Hotel and Tehran Boutique Hotel are the most comfortable ones around. Yeah, we will stay in one for the first night depending on the availability!

Welcome Dinner is at 19:00. Rest is shopping together, relaxing and the free time at the big town of Doğubeyazıt.

Take a good rest before hitting the green later on snowy mountain paths.

DAY 2: (Hotel to Base Camp at 3200 Meters) 

Good morning to the view of  massive Mt. Ararat. If you see it the first time, you won’t be able to avoid staring its massive body and its morning shadow on the plateau.

09:00 – Let’s get generous Turkish breakfast and some tea at the hotel.

11:00 – Time to leave the hotel via our cars. Once our 1,5 hour journey to the small village of Çevirme ends, we deliver our baggages to the horses and get the lunch pack.

Çevirme village is located at 2500 meters altitude. Today, we gonna hike up to Aegean Way base camp located at 3200 meters. The hike takes 4 hours on the green meadow of the high grounds of the foothills of Mt. Ararat. The view of Doğubeyazıt and the shepherds with flocks of sheep are the ones to salute on the path. Once we arrive to the base camp, our cook offer us snacks. Hot drinking water and tea are available at the base camp all the time.

18:00 – Dinner is ready. Chef is calling! Pre-requests are welcome. Let’s meet at the dinner table to celebrate the end of the first day.

Tents are already settled. Take your time!

A decent sleep with the fresh mountain air is the beginning of the acclimatization.

DAY 3: (Base Camp to 4200 Meters to Base Camp)

07:00 – Let’s have the breakfast prepared by our chef. Tea or coffee?

09:00 – We are starting our acclimatization hike up to 4200 meters. Depending on the weather conditions, ramble around couple of hours, have the lunch and go back to base camp.

We mostly chill at base camp today; spend some time reading books or watching the panoramic view. We better rest.

19:00 – Dinner is ready! This is the end of the day 2!

DAY 4: (Base Camp to Camp 2 at 4200 meters)

07:00 – Breakfast is ready. Bon appetite!

08:00 – Climbing equipment, baggages and -anything we don’t wanna carry- is delivered to the horses again.

09:00 – We’re starting to walk to 4200 meters which we will settle for our Camp 2. The hike takes 3-4 hours and our chef and the Aegean Way Camp 2 tents are looking forward to welcome us.

Once we arrive, we get the lunch.

15:00 – We now gather for the technical meeting chaired by our chief mountain guide. Our mountain guide shares the latest information about the weather and the route, checks if the technical equipment properly working and care about any discomfort if exist.

18:00 – Dinner is ready once more! Considering we are located at the thin air fo 4200 meters, carbohydrate-based food is served.

Weather is getting colder by night, but hot drinks are always available at Camp 2.

Let’s sleep early before the summit day.

DAY 5: (Through to Summit at 5137 meters)

02:00 – Chef is calling for the breakfast. Let’s have the breakfast and get ready for the summit.

03:00 – We’re leaving the Base Camp for the summit walk.

Walking around 4000 meters the sun is rising. Warming and surprising!

Once we reach the small flatness before the summit, we put on the crampons, check the axes and take a breather. Then for the last pass, depending on the weather, we are fixing rope.

On the way we make sure that we drink enough water and not walking too fast due to the thin air of 5000 meters.

09:00 – Here we are! We are on the top of 5137 meters. We are now above all the European Continent and watching the massive highlands of Anatolia. On the Eastern side, we will be looking through the Armenian highlands.

It’s time to take the summit photo!

Descending couple of hours, we’re reaching the Camp 2 at 4200 meters. We get some coffee, take little rest and move for the Base Camp.

It’s time to celebrate the effort to make it to the top at the Dinner!

  • Walking to the village and returning to hotel is also possible today, depending on the arrival time to the Base Camp.

Day 7: Muradiye Waterfall Visit and Farewall

Good morning folks! Either we wake up at base camp or hotel, the weather should be sunny on the mountainside.

07:00: Breakfast is served.

08:00: We are picked from the hotel/Çevirme and drive to the airport of the departure.

On the way, we make a stop at the Muradiye Waterfalls to take photos and grab some drinks of your choice.

Hope to see you again!

Day 8: Optional Visit to Historical and Geographical Sites

Mt. Ararat and the surrounding soil has been home to civilizations for centuries. Historical sites of Ottoman Empire and the ancient Judaic civilizations are around to visit.

Akdamar Island and the Church, Van Fortress, Noah Ark’s Site, Ishak Pasha Palace, Urartians Castle, the Mosque of Bayezid and the Tomb of Ahmed-i Hani are historical sites to choose from to explore.

Meteor Crater, the Fish Lake, the Ice Cave, the Doğubeyazıt reeds and the Monk’s Garden are naturel beauties to discover in the region.

  • Depending on your preferences, It’s possible to visit the sites of your choice.

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