Wonders of Anatolia

Whether you call it Anadolu in Turkish, Ανατολία in modern Greek or Anatolia in English, its unique landscape is there for people to feel it for thousands of years.

The Anatolia is home to utterly different geographic landscapes.

Mediterranean west to mountainous east, we distinguish it into 7 sub-provinces.

Istanbul Around: Due to seasonal heavy rainfall and specific mountain structure the surroundings of Istanbul is home to massive woodlands. Iconic Yedigöller, Abant Lakes, Beşkayalar, Sülüklügöl and Harmankaya climbing rocks are just a few of the more than 50 of natural parks around the Metropolis of Istanbul.


The Volcanos: Covering more than one-fifth of all the country, Eastern Anatolia hosts only the %7 of the whole population. Home to country’s highest peaks, the Eastern Anatolia exhibits the gigantic volcanos, thousands-meters high plateaus, major lakes and intense waterfalls. Whatever it is, it is majestic on this part of the earth.

North-East Rainforest: While the steep slopes of the Black Sea coastline rise directly to the Pontic Mountains, the scenery gets thrilling. The mountain paths and the highlands of Trabzon, Artvin and Rize provinces as well as Kaçkar Mountain Range is just here explore.

Lycian World: Southeast of Turkey has been home to civilizations of great thinkers of Hellenistic period, The blue of the mediterranean, the yellow of the sunshine and the green of the pinewood.






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